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Mission and vision

Penkala, a non-profit organization founded in 2017, started from the collective initiative of 20 friends wanting to connect and strengthen the Croatian scientific community. However, today Penkala grew and its objectives are multifold (as from our statute):

  • promotion, development and improvement of science and technology in Croatia
  • promotion of science and scientific-research activities in Croatia among the general public and especially among young people
  • promotion of scientific cooperation between young scientists and researchers in Croatia and abroad
  • promotion of interdisciplinarity and cooperation between different scientific fields
  • fostering dialogue between researchers and scientists at various stages of their academic career
  • education of scientists
  • facilitating the arrival (and return) of scientists and researchers from foreign institutions to Croatia
  • facilitating the departure of scientists and researchers from Croatia to renowned foreign universities
  • promotion and encouragement of education, innovation and creativity
  • encouraging social entrepreneurship, especially in the field of education

We work on achieving these goals through various activities:

  • organization and promotion of gatherings, festivals and conferences where the goals of the Association are realized
  • communication and promotion of scientific and research news
  • building a network of scientists and researchers in and outside Croatia
  • providing professional assistance to members in career development, collaboration and starting new projects
  • organizing educational programs and workshops for pupils, students, researchers and scientists and the general public
  • collaboration with similar national and international associations, scientific institutions and other organizations
  • publication of brochures, magazines, books and various publications related to the objectives of the Association
  • production of audio and video materials and web pages in the area of the Association’s activities
  • conducting research related to science, work in science, quality of science, and other research and academic topics
  • participation in national and international gatherings related to the goals and activities of the Association
  • awarding recognition for achievements in promoting and advancing the goals of the Association
  • execution of other tasks that contribute to the achievement of the goals established by the Statute
  • implementation of incentive programs in collaboration with public bodies, non-governmental organizations, adequate experts, and social workers who can contribute to the achievement of the Association’s goals
  • participation in the preparation and drafting of proposals or giving opinions on proposals for regulations, guidelines, recommendations, standards, and other acts related to the Association’s field of activity

For a full description of our activities, please browse our website, check our Statute, or just feel free to reach out to our email (info AT udruge-penkala.hr)