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Association Penkala

In few words ...

Penkala, a non-profit organization founded in 2017, gathers young researchers, scientists, and technologists both from academies and industry and from Croatia and abroad. It started from the collective initiative of 20 friends wanting to connect and strengthen the Croatian scientific community.

What began as informal gatherings blossomed into Mutimir—today the biggest annual interdisciplinary science conference in Croatia, uniting young scientists from Croatia and abroad and both from academia and industry. From it, Penkala grew to an association dedicated to championing the cause of science promotion, the dissemination of scientific findings, the advocacy for evidence-based decision-making, and empowering the research community in Croatia.

Today, Penkala has multifold objectives  focused on two main populations:

Scientific and research community in Croatia as well as abroad, with a special focus on young researchers

Through a myriad of activities, Penkala fosters connections across diverse disciplines and experience levels, nurturing not only new friendships but also catalyzing collaborations and ideation for impactful projects and thematic initiatives. Central to our ethos is the facilitation of international networking, providing avenues for those who have departed Croatia to maintain connections while also fostering new ties within the country, thus easing potential returns. Moreover, through various round panels, workshops, discussions, and lectures, we strive to educate researchers both in soft skills, research relevant skills, and share experiences and knowledge on common challenges they face.

The general public, again with a special focus on the young population

Through our collective efforts, through blogs, podcasts, and public events, we aspire to not only illuminate the remarkable achievements within Croatia’s scientific community but also to advocate for the integration of scientific knowledge into policymaking, thereby fostering a society guided by informed decision-making and evidence-backed solutions.

Moreover, Penkala serves as a conduit for empowering the next generation of scientists and researchers, offering invaluable experiences and mentorship opportunities. By engaging students, we aim to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the scientific endeavor and inspire a commitment to evidence-based practices.

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