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Istražilica: List of research opportunities

What is Istražilica?

Istražilica  is the name for a platform with a list of current and timeless scientific, industrial, and research opportunities for all career stages and various fields, with a special focus on opportunities in Croatia.

On Istražilica you can:

  • Enter an opportunity that you have heard about, experienced yourself or even opened yourself
  • Search for opportunities

What are the ‘opportunities’ that you can publish/find on Istražilica:

  • scientific schools
  • opportunities for internships in academia or industry
  • open positions for undergraduate/graduate theses
  • PhD positions
  • postdoc and permanent positions
  • scholarships
  • funding
  • competitions
  • partners/experts for interdisciplinary cooperation


Often, as a student or young scientist, we think: “If only I had known about this opportunity before”, “Oh, if only someone had told me that I should have done an internship …”, “I am not sure whether I should continue in science or rather go towards industry”…

And that’s exactly where Penkala tries to help: one of the main goals of Penkala is to connect people who work in different fields, as well as those who belong to different generations or are at different career stages. Therefore, the idea of this hub of scientific and industrial opportunities is the transfer of knowledge and experiences between generations, and the creation of contacts between different fields of science.

Istražilica’s goal is to list in one place internships, scholarships, opportunities for cooperation, tenders for funding, etc. that are relevant for science and research careers.

The idea is that if we ourselves have participated in something and would like to recommend it to younger people, this information (as well as your contact for potential inquiries and help), reaches those for whom it could play a big role in their scientific career. In the same way, if we find out about something (see an ad, get an email, etc. ), but we don’t personally know anyone to forward it to, we can enter basic information in Istražilica, thus creating a database of useful information for future generations.

At the same time, focus is placed on scientific opportunities at Croatian faculties and companies, and with Istražilica we want to create a unique overview of opportunities for students and young scientists in Croatia. The existence of such a database makes it easier for Croatian students and young scientists in and outside Croatia to get an overview of scientific opportunities in Croatia, thereby strengthening the Croatian science environment.

Take a look at Istražilica!


Remember the useful opportunities that helped your career and write them down!

Search for existing opportunities!

Frequently asked questions

How to add opportunities?

For each opportunity, it will be necessary to add:

  • the name of the opportunity
  • institution and country
  • scope of opportunity (academia/industry) and type (school, internship, PhD , scholarship, etc. )
  • field of science (narrower and wider)
  • financing (full/partial/unfinanced, etc. )
  • time frame (always current, periodic or one-time- deal ) and relevant dates
  • link with more information
  • short description

The opportunities you enter do not have to be in your field of work, and if they are and you have additional knowledge or have personally participated, leave your contact for potential interests and questions of younger students. It will mean a lot to them!

Once submitted, opportunities must be approved by an administrator before they become visible to everyone. If your opportunity has not been approved for some time or you have other questions and problems, feel free to contact us at istrazilica@udruga-penkala.hr

How to search on Istražilica?

You can search for opportunities according to three criteria:

  • scope: academia/industry/both/other
  • scientific field
  • type of opportunity: internship / science school / graduate / PhD / postdoc / scholarship / other

After selection, they list all the opportunities that currently exist in the database. Then it is possible to sort them by: name, institution, country and area. Clicking on ‘more’ opens a window with all available information.

If you think that new categories should be added or if you have ideas for improvement, feel free to contact us at istrazilica@udruga-penkala.hr