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As an association, we’re growing by welcoming new members who bring in fresh energy, exciting ideas, creative suggestions, or simply the eagerness to participate and spare time.

Penkala exists thanks to our volunteers, past, present (and future), and their dedication to the association’s work. Their aim is to create and support the creation of high-quality, innovative, and diverse content, plans, initiatives, events, and activities. They devote their selfless time, passion for promoting science, and the knowledge and skills they eagerly invest to enhance and promote Penkala as a scientific connector.

We’re fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, and we’re committed to tailoring each newcomer’s experience according to their passions, skills, and areas where they can not only contribute but also learn and grow.

Our goal is to connect young professionals through various scientific and academic lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, brainstorming sessions, and by encouraging the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and collaborations. Participants showcase their fields of expertise, interests, and, of course, there are numerous opportunities for socializing.

The possibilities for involvement are diverse – from podcast recording, event organization, and project management to marketing, programming, finances, graphic design, and many others.

To facilitate better coordination of tasks, we’ve established workgroups, each with a specific range of activities. You can find a preview of these activities below, and for a detailed overview of our work and initiatives, check out this presentation.  

















If you see yourself in one of these categories, don’t wait – fill out the application form and join us! 😄

We’re always open to new suggestions and ideas, and among the existing projects and year-round activities, we’re particularly proud of:

  1. Penkala’s Scientific Blog – through which we bring topics and research interests closer to members of the Association, as well as to all other interested individuals. We present the research work of young Croatian scientists, young Croatian companies resulting from research, scientific fields, articles on topics of broader significance for researchers, and author contacts;

  2. Science@Home – scientific lectures, roundtables, quizzes, and networking;
  3. Penkala’s Scientific Podcast – the first Croatian scientific podcast categorized into five thematic subcategories: Croatian Scientists, Science and Industry, Academic Topics, Specials, and Ecological Themes;
  4. Mutimir – an annual interdisciplinary conference for young scientists and researchers from Croatia and abroad;
  5. Science on the Go – bridging the gap between science and the public through organizing public lectures about scientific research by Croatian female scientists for an interested audience and in collaboration with local communities, promoting women in science in three locations: Zagreb, Rijeka, and Sisak;
  6. ScienceUP – connecting industry and academia through roundtables, lectures, and workshops with the aim of informing about the Croatian startup ecosystem and research commercialization, promoting young startups originating from academia, conducted in collaboration with FER’s program for supporting the commercialization of high-tech research, Nuqleus;
  7. Academic Chats and Workshops – educating scientists about the skills necessary for working in science through informal gatherings, discussions on topics concerning young researchers, sharing experiences and best practices, focusing on developing soft skills, and encouraging successful leadership in science.

Even if you don’t have the time to actively participate, your presence helps us by adding to our numbers through your application. 😊 To have formal proof for application processes, we need a list of members with some basic information. Membership is free and comes with no obligations, but it greatly assists us in applying for opportunities.



If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to write to us: info@udruga-penkala.hr. 😀