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Map of Croatian scientists in the world

What is the Map of Croatian Scientists?

“Map of Croatian scientists” is a unique platform and database of Croatian researchers in academia and industry who are currently outside Croatia.


Anyone who considers themselves a researcher, can enter their data and thus create a profile that will be visible on the map and searchable according to several criteria. Only those who are registered can search for other researchers, while unregistered users can only see metadata about institutions and countries where our researchers are located. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you can register and search the map, but you will only become visible when/if you become a doctoral student.



The Croatian scientific community is not sufficiently connected, neither in Croatia, nor abroad, which leads to many missed opportunities on a professional and personal level.

The lack of a database and platform with an overview of Croatian researchers in various scientific and geographical areas affects the opportunities for cooperation, new projects, knowledge sharing, interdisciplinarity, as well as career opportunities, which are key aspects of scientific progress and innovation.

Similar initiatives existed in Croatia, such as “Who’s Who in Croatian Science”, which has been closed, and “CROSBI”, which focuses only on researchers in a scientific profession at Croatian institutions. However, both have a limited focus, and have completely left out Croatian scientists and researchers abroad.

At the same time, Serbia and Slovenia launched their own websites and thereby mapped a large number of their researchers in the world.

Therefore, we believe that this initiative can provide new opportunities for Croatian science, not only creating an overview of Croatian researchers in the world, but also being a cornerstone for the next steps of supporting them.


Become part of the Map

If you are a researcher, register, add another valuable piece of information to this folder, and search the others!

Croatian researchers in Croatia can also register, we will just be a little crumpled on the map. But it doesn’t matter 😀 It’s important that we are there!
Project of mapping Croatian scientists in the UK

The first pilot project for testing the map is the mapping of Croatian scientists in the UK, which was partially financed by the Embassy of Great Britain in Croatia through the Impact Fund competition in 2023.

Who is behind the map?

Penkala Association designed, initiated and manages the implementation of the project. See what else they do and contact them with any questions at info@udruga-penkala.hr or maps.znanstvenika@udruga-penkala.hr .

Algebra University College is behind the creation of this platform. Many thanks to them for that!

The first to recognize the importance of the Map of Croatian scientists was the Embassy of Great Britain in Croatia, which helped us to map Croatian scientists in the UK Impact fund tender in 2023.

Frequently asked questions

When and why would you use Map?

Some of the examples of using the Map are:

  • A professor from a certain institution is thinking about applying for project funding, but one of the funding criteria is cooperation with universities in other countries. On the Map, he can search for Croatian researchers who work in a certain science field and live in the relevant countries.
  • A researcher who has been working outside of Croatia for a number of years would like to start a collaboration with researchers in Croatia, but he is no longer familiar with the situation there as, over time, he lost contact with institutions and the community. Using the Map, he can search for researchers in Croatia who work in a certain field of science and contact them directly with an inquiry for potential collaborations.
  • A student is thinking about starting a doctorate at a particular institution, but she is interested in specific information and advice about the quality of education, research, living conditions, etc. On the Map, she can find other doctoral students or senior researchers who work or have worked at that institution, contact them, and ask for advice.
  • A student is thinking about a career in science after university. He is thinking about applying for a PhD, but doesn’t know exactly what it means to do a PhD in his science field. On Map, he can search for researchers who are working on a doctorate in his field of study, contact them, and ask for a chat and advice. Maybe there is also the opportunity for an exchange or internship in the laboratory of a person reached out to so that the student can directly experience and more easily decide on the next steps after university.

Who can be part of it?

The map of Croatian scientists is intended as a database of all persons engaged in science and research, whether in academia or industry, whether in Croatia or abroad. We consider people involved in science to be people who are currently pursuing a doctorate or have already completed their doctorate and continued to work in science. Exceptionally, those engaged in research in the industry can also enter their profiles.

How to become part of it?

If you want to add yourself to the map, you must create your profile, which will contain basic information about you, such as institution, field of work, website, contact opportunities, etc.

After entering the data, you will receive a return email that you must approve.

In addition, your profile must be approved, either automatically or by an administrator. The profile will be automatically approved if you use a confirmed institutional email address or link your profile to your ORCID profile during registration. If neither of these is done, administrators must approve your profile manually.

After your profile is verified, you will be visible on the map (except if you are a bachelor’s or master’s student), as well as searchable in the database, and you will be able to search for other scientists yourself.

How to search for scientists?

To have access to scientists with all available information, you must be registered as a researcher yourself. If you are not, it is possible to see only grouped metadata about institutions and the number of scientists. If you would like to have access to all data and you are not a researcher, please contact us at mapa.znanstvenika@udruga-penkala.hr .

How to update your information?

You can easily update your information by simply logging into your profile and changing your information. If, when entering data, you previously entered until when the current position should be active, after the expiration of that date, you will receive an email reminding you to update your data.

If you have stopped being a researcher and no longer want to be displayed on the map, it is possible to delete your profile by logging into your profile and selecting delete profile.