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Mapping Croatian scientists in the UK

The Map

Mapping Croatian researchers in the UK is the project  initiated and coordinated by Udruga Penkala, while this research and mapping of Croatian scientists in the United Kingdom is done in partnership and with the financial support of the British Embassy in Croatia through Impact Fund call 2023. Recognising the strength of Croatian scientific talent outside of Croatia, this project aims to foster scientific links and collaboration between scientists in Croatia and Croatian scientists abroad.

The idea is to create a comprehensive database of Croatian researchers (from PhD students above) that are living and working abroad, specifically here in the UK. This will complement the CroRIS CROSBI database, which focuses on Croatian researchers within Croatia.

Thus we invite you to check out the website, register yourself, and be one of the first ones on the Map. You can always later update your information. You can also test the platform and leave us feedback and ideas for improvements.

This is the first effort to create a database for Croatian scientists working abroad, which we believe will be instrumental in bridging the gap between Croatian researchers globally and fostering stronger scientific collaboration.  Thus, we would strongly appreciate your support!  😊


Participating in this project also involves completing a brief questionnaire, segmented into four main sections, each containing up to 5 questions. The goal of this study is to understand the motivations, experiences, and extent of scientific collaborations between Croatian researchers in the UK and those in Croatia. By examining the differences in research environments and exploring potential areas for improvement, we aim to foster collaboration between Croatian and UK scientists.

It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be strictly confidential, and no personal information will be associated with your answers.

Your insights will greatly assist us in understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by Croatian researchers abroad and will contribute significantly to shaping future initiatives to support the Croatian scientific community.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you wish to be more involved in the project, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@udruga-penkala.hr or just drop your email here.  

Additionally, if you know other Croatian researchers in the UK, please feel free to write it here, or send us their contact details by email, so that we can include them in this project.


Check the first preliminary analysis of the study!

The Embassy of Great Britain in Croatia was the first to recognize the importance of mapping Croatian scientists in the world and financed this project through the Impact fund competition in 2023.