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Penkala’s podcast “Slušalica” is available on the following platforms: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Podtail, Podcast.hr and PodParadise 🎙️🎧

Penkala Association launched the first Croatian scientific podcast with the aim of sharing knowledge and information, but also the experiences and life stories of our researchers and scientists in academia and industry, abroad or in Croatia.

For now, we have gone in several directions:

1. “Our scientists” where in each episode we talk with one scientist bringing their life story and scientific path, through conversations about science, research, how they ended up where they are now, hobbies, and plans for the future.

2. “Science and Industry” podcasts aim to bridge the gap between the world of startups and industry and academia and scientists. For scientists who are thinking of commercialization of their research, starting a startup or company we provide valuable insights by talking and following the stories of just such Croatian startups.

3. “Academic topics” podcasts cover various academic topics relevant for young scientist, working in science and scientific careers. We also try to cover other scientific, educational and scientific-popular associations and events in Croatia.

4. “Podcast specials” which focus on current topics from a scientific perspective and, through several episodes with guests from various fields of science, deal with topics from different points of view. One such thematic special was the COVID special.

5. “Environmental topics” “Slušalica Green” is the latest series of Penkala’s scientific podcast with a focus on climate change, sustainability and other environmental topics.

There are still a lot of ideas in the future, but little time, so anyone who sees themselves in this (either from the organizational side, or as a guest) should contact us! 😀

Being behind a podcast?

Interested in podcasts? Would you like to try your hand at recording, hosting or editing a podcast? Contact us!
Here is a short presentation from the 2022 Carnet User Conference, where we held a podcast workshop: