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The Scientific Connector

The Scientific Connector is Penkala’s initiative that promotes and encourages the dissemination of useful news with the goal of connecting, enhancing, and strengthening the scientific-research community through four approaches:

  1. Promoting Penkala’s internal news and events (podcasts, blogs, events…);
  2. Sharing news about domestic and international scientific opportunities (internships, fellowships, job and study opportunities in scientific fields, conferences, symposia, workshops, scholarships, and other financial support for further development of students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral researchers…);
  3. Online scientific groups and communities where each member can ask and/or contribute by sharing opportunities they know about and would like to share with others (Facebook groups, pages, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…);
  4. Collaboration with other associations, institutes, and other science-oriented organizations.

The Scientific Connector uses the following channels: